Worship going forward

We are adapting to the needs of our community with a new Virtual Worship.

Connect with us on Facebook or YouTube at 9:30 am for the premiere. 

If you would like to submit a video for our worship please contact Pastor Blade at Harvestlove2day@gmail.com.


Welcome to our Fellowship

How do we stay together this Winter when hibernation has replaced hybrid living?   We are finding unique ways to stay connectted. The Cookie Walk, a Live Nativity, participitory videos, weekly church emails and more calling and texting than most communities. 

Missions Priority

Each month we collect and serve a mission. The list of missions can be found on our missions page. We also serve year round at the Elburn Food Pantry, Blackberry Elementary School and the Kaneville Library

Our last live worship for the year happened too soon. For Sunday November 22 a video from the Annual Conference leadership will be shared with our mailing list. To get your access please fill out a contact form. 

Light Up the World!

Advent worship begins in darkness and isolation. We light one candle. The candle of hope. Suddenly the room brightens. We light the candle of Peace. As two lights connect the glory of God is known. Next a pink candle is lit for the joy of God’s incarnation. The blaze grows into a deep love for God as we light the fourth candle. Soon we light the center candle for the birth of Christ around the world.