WELCOME:   You found your way to KUMC through social media. Now what? What are you looking for?

Our Video Worship is found on the worship page in the Ministries drop down section.

Do you need a pastoral conversation? please reach Pastor Nancy at 630-360-0471 and leave a message. She will get back to you within a few hours.

Investigating who we are?  Look through our about pages and our ministries pages. In the Welcome article there is a picture of our leadership team.

Fun Fact:  Our physical location is not our mailing address. Send correspondence to P.O. Box 50 Kaneville, IL 60144 or email us. 

Are we worshipping in person? Kaneville Church follows the guidelines from the State of Illinois. Kane County is in the bridge phase allowing 60% of  capacity. We are wearing masks, distancing and sanitizing hands when we come to worship. Our safe practices include UV filtration and 4 times per hour air exchange. If you are comfortable to come we are glad to have you. 


Cross Cares 4 Community

 We planted a cross on the front lawn of the church during Holy Week and laid out markers and a sign with instructions. We invited the community to TAKE their grief TO THE CROSS. We received these responses. Covid has been hard on us. We acknowlege losses we may never get back and postponements that have been pushed back too many times. In looking to the resurrection, we have faith that God will redeem this time! 

Food Pantry Distrobution

Handing out groceries moves us to consider the needs of families falling through the cracks in our community. They don’t plan to be poor! Because the job market is tough and medical expenses high, local familes visit the food pantry to supplement their groceries and relieve their bills by $100 per week. So on the first Thursday of the month our volunteers hand out groceries to grateful clients. You’re welcome to join us. 

Palm Sunday Parade

Our second annual parade of palms saw twenty cars and lots of excitement. This year was much colder than our first pandemic safe parade. It’s fun to make some noise in Kaneville and cheer on our fellow citizens with the joy of hope in the Lord. Hosanna! Jesus Saves!

Easter Egg Hunt 

Every year we have an inhouse egg hunt. Pictured here are the adults chatting while the kids search. We are outside at the garden chapel. Though the garden looks dreary in it’s pre-spring mode, our friends are joyful and bright for the future we see together!

Our Summer Worship Series

“Shall We Pray”
Jump to our ministry page on worship to find the details of our summer worship series.

The New Normal

Much like your homelife, the church is finding it’s new normal this summer. We invite you to walk with us through the imperfect to full consensus. We endeavor to include all ages and all life styles. Unity is the value we will uphold. This means if you join us now, your opinions and thoughts will be considered as we work through this trasitional time.  In Christ we live and move and have our being!