We are in a transitional year. You could even call it liminal. With a look back to the past in our 175th anniversary celebration and an exploration of what God wants us to do in the near future, we are taking the challenge of being the church in this age. It’s clear that we have some building repairs to finish, even though we have already accomplished much. Our outdoor space continues to be a place of growth as we planted trees in 2022 and continue to worship and pray in the prayer garden and play in the 2 acres of grass. But we don’t just want to do what we have already done. So we will lean forward into a new day with missions that speak to our hearts and deeper Bible study to reach further into our souls. 

Church Staff

Rev. Nancy E Blade




Dan Alfrey

Music Director


Karen Flamand

Administrative Assistant



Bev and Gary Rissman



Pastoral Leadership 

As a United Methodist Church we receive clergy appointments through the Bishop of the Northern Illinois Conference (NIC).  Preparation for appointment making and evaluation of the clergy happen all year round through the Staff Parish Committee (SPRC) of the church. The SPRC assures good communication between the appointed pastor and the congregation. In this non-call system the Holy Spirit works through the Bishop, the Laity on SPRC and the clergy. 

Rev. Nancy Blade has been a pastor in the NIC for 35 years. She enjoys the lifestyle of a rural church and brought her passion for children and worship to the Kaneville/Elburn area three years ago. As a mother of two college students Pastor Nancy freely shares the family talents and cares for the parsonage house.  Her commitment to mission and online ministry has taken us in new directions. In 2023 we are reaching out to former members and pastors, and creating celebrations in the community. We are excited to see what the future will bring.  Please join us in whatever way you can.