It’s What We Do

A biblical understanding grounds our life at Kaneville United Methodist.  We sing to the glory of God, but we pray to the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation.

The men meet regularly on Saturdays at 7 am for Scripture and prayer. They alternate between KUMC & Grace Fellowship Church on Owens Road. Call the church office to get an invitation.

The women will resume classes this fall. We generally use a video & workbook material to lead our conversation. There was a women’s retreat in January of 2024 titled, “Fill Your Cup”.

In the regular season the children are taught in two generational gatherings, the younger children through 5th grade and the teenage youth in their own study and game rooms downstairs. Children’s Sunday school classes meet during church service.

How Faith Grows Here

We believe that spiritual grown begins in our corporate worship and is sustained in our small groups.  A person may come to Christ in a moment of clarity when God reaches them during a particular crisis in their lives.  After  that, regular worship helps their faith in God’s saving work take shape.  In small group we can question the Bible stories and listen to other men or women describe their faith journey. Our pastor and lay leaders are available for one on one counseling of faith maters as well.

We understand that Baptism can be received early or late in life. Whenever God’s Holy Spirit has claimed your life, you have the option of following your baptismal identity or rejecting it. If you have previously rejected God’s call on your life, but now want to receive God’s forgiveness and live a righteous life, we invite you to claim your baptism through a service of anointing. If you are interested, please call our pastor for an appointment.

 As a local United Methodist Church we draw great meaning from following traditional seasons of the Christian heritage. Celebrations of Christmas and Easter are mountain top experiences which are nurtured by the pre-seasons of Advent and Lent. Our specific Wesleyan heritage opens the door to seeing the Holy Spirit move in mission, in giving and in conferencing.

Ongoing Emails

Pastor sends emails on Fridays with a brief message and the prayer updates. This is a sustaining part of our congregational life.


Pastoral Conversations

If you would like to have a conversation with the Pastor please reach Pastor Kelly at 815-303-0465. She is ready to meet in person or over the phone. 


Urgent Prayer Text/Calls

Need prayer for the next 30 minutes?  Our congregation will pray for your concern. If it is urgent, like a car accident or having surgery, we send to a phone list for immediate prayer. If this is an ongoing concern we add the prayer to our weekly email and Sunday sharing time. 

Sunday Sharing

After in person worship, we turn off the camera and share concerns and joys, life events and birthday songs. This personal time blends what we love about our community with the need to have less detailed information in the live feed/youtube recording.