Worship Series for the Easter Season: “We are Witnesses”

Easter is a new start, a new creation. We didn’t go back to Eden, but the way to the kingdom of God was opened on that day. Join us in celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ on April 17 and for six more Sundays.

The problem with the Resurrection is that not everyone saw it. You know how it is with amazing things. If you didn’t see it, if you weren’t there, it is hard to capture the experience. You’ve tried to share it, you’ve tried to tell your friends or family about this amazing thing that you saw, this amazing music that you heard, this amazing experience that you had. You describe it as imaginatively as you possibly can. You show them the motions, you talk about what happened to you, you relive the moment in front of them. You try your best. And . . . crickets. Then you shrug and say the only thing you can think to say. The only thing that anyone says faced with that lack of reaction: “I guess you had to be there.”

This Easter event is too wonderful to hide under a bushel. This is our Resurrection moment; it is being alive in a way that leaks into eternity experience. We can’t and don’t want to shake our heads and say, “I guess you had to be there” and sadly wander away. It is too good to keep to ourselves. Too wonderful to hide under a bushel. Too incredible to not share.

To share the experience, to offer the gift we’ve been given, to announce the kingdom that has begun to take root in our midst – that’s the Easter transformation and imperative that has taken place. We are witnesses.

This Easter season series dips into the Acts of the Apostles as a way of examining the witness of the people who first experienced the Resurrection. Their story, as they struggled to find a way to live out the implications of this amazing news, this gospel event, becomes our story as we too seek to bear witness to the Risen Christ and to live that witness daily.

Worship in Kaneville Illinois

We worship in a historic sanctuary during the cold months and in a garden chapel during the warmer months. Some prefer to worship at home during the pandemic. The live Facebook feed keeps them engaged. Also a premiere link on YouTube is ready in the afternoon.

 The service is traditional, but casual and often has a gospel feel.

 A talented keyboardist leads our music bringing memorable songs from a Choir, a Praise Team or soloist.

 We follow worship from printed materials, but it isn’t hard to follow without them. A children’s bulletin shares pencil games to learn the lesson. Kids are welcome to work on this together with our teachers. All generations participate in sharing prayer joys and concerns followed by a corporate prayer.

Holy Communion is served on the first Sunday of every month and on special occasions. We pick up our crackers and juice ups as we enter for worship and remain in the pews for the blessing and partaking of the elements. Worshippers at home are encouraged to find bread and a beverage to bless and take.

Participants usually arrive between 8:45 and 8:55am. An elevator is available at the back of the church building to take you up to the sanctuary level. Parking is available at the front of the church and in the back. We have a “grassy parking lot” behind the tall pine trees for overflow. 

Facebook users comment a “good morning.”  In person worshippers check in at the Welcome table for a quick hand wash and attendance. They pick up their bulletin and leave their offering before being seated by an usher. Everyone wears masks when they arrive, but usually remove them while sitting in the pews or eating at fellowship time. 

Worship with us for six weeks before you decide on your next church to visit. We never forget the people we meet in person or online. Call the pastor for a phone, in person, or zoom visit. We want to meet you.